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Can You Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

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Which Bluetooth Headphones Work With Xbox One

How To Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One!

Technically, the answer to that question is “none.” Whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo, none of the current generation consoles natively support Bluetooth audio. They have Bluetooth capabilities, but they’re basically just there for wireless controller connectivity. That said, the word “technically” always leaves some space for exceptions, and that’s the case here, even if said exceptions aren’t ideal.

If you already have a pair of Bluetooth headphones that you really like, there’s no need to sink into despair just yet. There is a workaround that we’ll get to shortly. The good news is there are a bunch of wireless gaming headsets built with Microsoft’s special “Xbox Wireless” technology in mind. Microsoft has a special page on its online storefront just for Xbox-compatible headsets. Some of the most noteworthy models include:

I’ll also take a second to shout out Microsoft’s official solution, the aptly named Xbox Wireless Headset. It costs $100 and works with the Xbox One and the newer Xbox Series consoles. The only real issue is that, like anything else that’s related to the next-gen consoles, it can be hard to find in stores.

Most of the other options listed above cost more, but you may find them easier to snag. Of course, these things change over time, so the Xbox Wireless Headset probably won’t be rare forever.

Does The Xbox One Have Bluetooth

You can now start playing all your Xbox games on the console, with sound played through your Bluetooth headset. Xbox platforms have always maintained an intentional absence of Bluetooth support for both good and potentially greedy reasons.

Ironically, the official Xbox One controller does support Bluetooth, but since the console doesnt, the feature is primarily reserved for connecting the gamepad to PCs and mobile devices . From USB dongles to controller accessories to dedicated headsets, theres no shortage of ways to chat and listen wirelessly on Xbox One, but there are a few issues to be aware of.

While the lack of Bluetooth limits your options, theres a wide range of wireless accessories available on Xbox One. The problem is that most people wont have Xbox Wireless compatible headsets, and most wireless headsets and headsets dont have the technology. Youll need the Xbox app for Android or iOS, Bluetooth headset or headphones, and a new Xbox controller and game clip. To make the TV act as a bridge between the Bluetooth headset and the Xbox, well do the same thing as the Xbox-PC hack.

Instead of using Bluetooth, Xbox uses a proprietary wireless protocol: Xbox Wireless.

Keep Everything Up To Date

Your headset may not be working because your firmware is not updated. So, updating your Xbox One may solve this.

You can do this by opening the Xbox Live. After signing in, youll see that you can update your Xbox from there. Make sure to install an update if needed.

Also, keep the Stereo Headset Adapter plugged in when updating. This will update your Adapter too.

If the offered solutions arent working, you may want to consider buying a new headset or controller. Ive told you how to troubleshoot which device isnt working. You can also call customer support.

Well, thats about it, did you find a solution? I sure hope you did. Good luck and have fun.

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Ways To Use Bluetooth Headphones On An Xbox One

If your preferred wireless connection type is Bluetooth or if you already have some Bluetooth headphones you want to use with an Xbox One, things are going to be complicated. Xbox One does support some USB Bluetooth transmitters but which ones are compatible can be a crapshoot, and even if you find one that works with the system, it will likely transmit only game audio and not allow you to party chat. There are, however, dongles that can attach directly to an Xbox One controller, which will make it possible to use existing Bluetooth headphones.

That said, going the route of attaching a device to a controller is complex as well. In 2015 Microsoft released an updated version of the Xbox One gamepad that included a headphone jack. Most Bluetooth transmitters will use that headphone jack and work fine for sending audio to a pair of Bluetooth-enabled headphones. For people using the older Xbox One controller, which lacks a headphone jack, the best choice is to purchase Microsoft’s Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, which is becoming increasingly hard to find. This device serves a number of functions including adding a headphone jack to the older model controllers, thus enabling a connection to a Bluetooth dongle.

The Right Way To Connect Your Headset

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One ...

The best wireless headsets come with their own low-latency USB dongles, which handle wireless audio transmission for you. These models, like the Steelseries Arctis 9X, allow you to hear game audio while chatting with friends via a built-in microphone.

Even though some gaming headsets have Bluetooth support, this should be seen as a nice add-on for use with your smartphone or laptop rather than as a serious choice for gaming.

If you have a headset that doesnt support wireless via its own USB dongle, you can connect it directly to your controllers 3.5mm stereo jack . Even though this isnt a truly wireless solution, the cable run from your controller to the headset is very short and much better than running a cable across your living room.

Just be sure to take your controller with you if you get up to avoid any accidents!

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Can You Use Xbox One With Your Airpods

Do you want to use your AirPods with your Xbox One?

Well, you can, but not straight away because the Xbox is not set up out of the box to talk to AirPods or AirPods Pro.

Lets first look at why its not straightforward to use your Apple AirPods with the Xbox One.

Second, look at two ways we can.

And finally, examine if we should bother.

How Does Xbox Bluetooth Work

The Xbox One does not have the Bluetooth capabilities were accustomed to. Xbox One runs on Microsoft Xbox Wireless, which allows for connectivity between systems and Microsoft appliances. There are plenty of Microsoft-made wireless headphones available for purchase. These will work wonderfully with your Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S as they are compatible with Microsoft Xbox Wireless. However, not everybody has or can afford a new pair of Microsoft-made wireless gaming headphones.

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Can You Use Beats As A Headset On Xbox One

So, those Beats headphones were really good for listening to music and you want to try them on the Xbox One. Well, do you have wireless Beats headphones?

If you do, you already know the answer. Yes, I know that irritating feeling, I feel with you my friend. You should have no problems if you are using Wired Beats headphones. However, I guess most of you use wireless headphones.

Youll still have to use the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. Thats where youll be connecting your Beats wireless headphones.

Insert the Adapter in the Xbox Wireless Controller. Then, connect the 3.5 mm jack in the Adapter and you should be good to go.

One more thing though, as you may know Microsoft and Apple are competitors. Apple owns Beats, and, Beats are best used with Apple products. So, dont expect your headphones to be great with the Xbox One.

Stay focused, the important thing follows.

Is There Bluetooth On The Xbox One

How to connect any Bluetooth Headset to your Xbox One

When it comes to connecting Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox One which is, after your gamepad, the most important ally in your gaming world, we must emphasize that Xbox One, unfortunately, doesnt support Bluetooth and you cant connect a Bluetooth headset or headphones directly to your Xbox One.

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Sadly, Microsoft decided that its not necessary and they developed a faster way of sound interacting with a player with a new wireless system.

Bluetooth is most likely turned out of this gaming console because its too slow for sound transmission, and they discovered a new, faster way to bring sound to gamers ears.

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Ok So How Do I Make Bluetooth Headphones Work With Xbox One

This is where things get tricky. Like I said, the Xbox One doesn’t natively support Bluetooth audio. You need to either get an Xbox Wireless-compatible headset, like the ones listed above, or get creative. We’ll tell you how creative you need to get, exactly, but just know going in that it’s not a great solution and your best bet will involve dropping some cash.

How To Connect An Xbox Wireless

If you own a headset that is capable of leveraging Microsofts exclusive technology , connecting your headset shouldnt give you much trouble if you know what to do.

Weve outlined the steps below, but keep in mind that some things might be different depending on the headset that youre using.

1.1 How to Connect an Xbox Wireless-Compatible Headset with Dongle

If your headset comes with a wireless dongle, things couldnt be any easier for you. Just plug in the dongle into the USB port of your dongle and turn on your headset. Thats it.

After a couple of seconds, you should see your headset being recognized and youre ready to play.

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How To Connect Your Headphones To The Xbox One

This part is super simple as long as you’re using the more recent versions of the Xbox One controller. These have the 3.5mm headset jack in the bottom, and so to use them, all you have to do is plug the headphones into the controller.

If you’re using a first-generation Xbox One controller, there is, unfortunately, no headphone jack. As such, you’ll need to invest in a Stereo Headset Adapter. It connects to the bottom of your controller with your headphones hooking up to the bottom of the adapter.

You also get added handy features like volume adjust, chat/game audio mix adjust, and a big old mute button. Even on the later versions of the Xbox One controller , you can gain a fair bit from using one of these.

The official Microsoft one is no longer sold new, although well-known headset maker Turtle Beach has an excellent alternative.

Xbox One Wireless Headset

Can You Use Your Favorite Bluetooth Headphones With PS4 ...

If you want to plug your Bluetooth headset or headset into the Xbox One, youre out of luck. The only way to make it work would be by using unofficial third party peripherals. There are many wireless headsets on the market that are compatible with Xbox One, but none of them are based on Bluetooth technology.

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Take Advantage Of Pc Connection

To use your Bluetooth headphones, you can first connect the controller to your PC. The Windows PC will act as a middleman to transfer the sound from the game console to your headsets.

The good news is as Xbox One consoles and Windows PC are both products offered by Microsoft, the pairing procedure is simple.

First, youll need to open the Xbox Console Companion app to your PC. Microsoft already has it equipped on all PCs for your convenience. However, if you cannot locate the app on your computer, you can easily get the app from the online store.

You can integrate the two devices, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open the Xbox Console Companion app, then choose between signing up and signing in so that you can gain access to the app.

Step 2:

On the menus left side, choose the Connection icon, which assembles a tiny Xbox One.

Step 3:

On the top right corner of the Connect to your Xbox One display, choose the tab Add a device, which has a plus icon.

Step 4:

Once you click the plus icon, your PC will find any Xbox One devices around. When you see the name of your console on the list of devices, simply choose Connect.

From the moment the two devices are integrated, the app will automatically pair with your console when its on.

Step 5:

It might take a while for the console to be identified by the PC, so you can choose to manually enter your consoles IP, then click the Connect.

Step 6:

Using Iphone Headsets With The Xbox Controller

Even though the Apple Earbuds are a recent technology, they still might face connectivity issues with the Xbox One. If you have the Apple Earbuds, follow the below steps

  • Go to the Settings menu on the Xbox One
  • There should be a headset Mic option there. Disable it
  • Now find the Mic monitoring settings and disable them too. Else, lower the to the minimum possible level
  • Connect your earbuds to the Xbox One console and they should work properly
  • Hopefully, by now you have found out the solution to get your headphones working with the Xbox One console. If you still havent managed to do so, then you might need professional help. Contact Microsoft tech support to see how you can get your headphones working with the Xbox One.

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    How Can You Connect It To Your Xbox One Controller

    If you do not want to use this Wireless system for whatever reason, then you can connect your headphones directly into your console, but only by using a wireless adapter. This might not give you that smooth playback, but unfortunately, its your only option for connecting this device.

    There are two devices that you can use for connecting your headphones, the cheapest one being a Bluetooth Transmitter. This will allow your headphones to hear whatever audio is coming from your Xbox.

    The second option is through a Bluetooth Transmitter and receiver, which not only lets you hear whatever is playing on your Xbox, but also lets you transmit your own sounds, usually through a microphone running back into your Xbox. This is great if youre playing online games and you want to issue commands to your friends.

    These options arent great and you might experience some delay, but Mircosoft has made it purposefully difficult for you to access this feature without using their software.

    Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus

    How to connect Bluetooth Headset to Xbox One S. Optical Transmitter.

    The Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus can bridge the gap for controllers that do not have the 3.5mm audio jack to plug in a Bluetooth transmitter. However, you will still need to secure a Bluetooth transmitter to connect the Bluetooth headphones.

    This device has other great functions, too! It elevates your gaming experience by enhancing your game audio to a top-notch level. It does so by incorporating an ultra-sensitive feature called the Superhuman hearing mode. This allows picking up silent audio leads such as enemy footsteps or weapons reload.

    It also has game and mic presets. With it, you can customize your gaming sounds or adjust your voice volume. Who needs to shout with this feature?

    Plus, it also allows you complete control of your mic, game, and chats volumes through easy-to-manage buttons.

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    Does An Xbox One Have Bluetooth

    The Xbox One console itself does not have Bluetooth capabilities, so you cannot directly connect your headphones to your gaming console via Bluetooth. This may seem surprising when you consider that Bluetooth is a common wireless mode that many other gaming consoles and media devices use. Xbox One instead has opted to use Microsoft Xbox Wireless to allow connectivity between Xbox players, so this is the alternative wireless option that the Xbox One offers.

    It may seem that using standard Bluetooth headphones with the Xbox One is impossible, but if you already own a Bluetooth headset and want to be able to use it with your Xbox One then dont despair, as there is a simple solution that will enable you to connect with your console.

    Can You Use Airpods On Xbox One

    You can use AirPods on Xbox One, and its reasonably simple to do, but its not perfect.

    Youll have to compromise, though.

    Let me explain.

    Once set up, you can chat with your friends or listen to the in-game audio. But you cant do both.

    AirPods are not for you if youre a competitor or avid observer and want to hear the in-game audio and talk to your friends via wireless headphones at the same time. Instead, youll have to buy an Xbox One compatible gaming headset certified with Xbox Wireless.

    If youre happy to compromise, the AirPods are fine. If you only want to hear the in-game audio and not talk to your friends, youre good. Just want to talk to your friends? Youre good.

    So how do you do this?

    There are two ways:

    Lets look at each way in turn.

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    This Is What You Need To Do To Get The Connection Going:

    • Connect your headphones to your phone over Bluetooth
    • Connect the controller to your phone
    • Set up the connection on your Xbox by clicking on the Guide Button and navigating to Profiles and Systems
    • Open Settings > > Device and Connections > > Remote Features
    • Check the box next to the part Enable Remote Features:
    • Change the power mode so that it reads Instant On
    • Set up the connection further from your Xbox app by clicking on the Remote Play button on the app screen
    • If you havent connected to console to the app, click the button Set Up A Console, and you will have created a link. From there, you can now choose the option Remote Play

    After the setup, you can play on your console through the small screen and the audio plays on your Bluetooth headphones.

    How To Connect A Wireless Headset To Xbox One

    How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

    Depending on the model of headset you buy, youll either use an included wireless receiver that plugs into a USB port on your hardware, or youll connect it directly, similar to how youd sync an Xbox One controller. Just find the pairing button on the headset and, once its in pairing mode, press the pairing button on the Xbox console itself.

    Since these devices arent made specifically for your Xbox, you can connect them to pretty much any device with a headset port to give it Bluetooth capabilities. Connecting your Bluetooth headset to the Xbox One may not be a simple task, but it is an easy one.

    Through this port, you can connect a Bluetooth transmitter that will serve as an adapter to connect your headset. Before you decide to connect your current Bluetooth headset to the Xbox One, you need to set a goal. If you run into any connection issues, restarting your Bluetooth headset will usually fix the problem. It will automatically connect and the Xbox One will immediately switch the audio output to your headset.

    However, most modern TVs also have an optical port, so you can always connect the transmitter that way. After connecting this device to your controller, the multifunction button allows you to pair it with your headphones. For controllers with an audio port, youll need an adapter that will connect through the 3.5mm port and act as a Bluetooth transmitter. We will need to connect the Xbox to the TV first and then connect the Bluetooth headset to the TV.


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