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Can I Use Xbox One Controller On Xbox 360

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Do you have to own the latest Xbox controller?

If youre struggling to connect an Xbox controller to your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, youve come to the correct place to learn where youre going wrong.

Whereas PlayStation went for an almost complete overhaul when they debuted their new controllers on the PS5, Xbox did not feel the need to break the mould and we cant say that was a bad move.

The Xbox controller is, for our money, the best controller design out there and we were saying that even before the Series X came along. The new one only has tweaks to what came before but even those small things have made the best better. Grip has been improved, the thumbsticks move much more freely, and the simple button press/hold design to capture a screenshot or record a clip is super handy.

But how do you connect controllers to the new Xbox consoles? And can you still use the old-style controllers from the Xbox One for the Xbox Series X? Here is all you need to know about that!

How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To A Pc Via Usb

1. Grab your Xbox One wireless controller and connect a micro-USB charging cable into the top of the device.

2. Take the other end of the USB charging cable and plug it into your Windows 10 PC or laptop.

Your PC should configure the controller automatically.

You can connect up to eight Xbox Wireless Controllers simultaneously with USB charging cables. If you have Xbox Chat Headsets attached, you can only connect up to four controllers at a time. You can only connect two controllers at a time if the controllers use Stereo Headsets.

Connect The Titan One Device To A Usb Port Of Your Xbox 360

The display on device should start blink “AU”, pointing out the XBox 360 is waiting for authentication.
We strongly recommend connect the Titan One device directly in a USB port of XBox 360. Using extension cables may cause the Titan One device resets when exchanging the controller on INPUT port. Requiring redo the authentication process. If an extension cable is really needed, we suggest to use only high quality USB extension cables, designed to 1A or more in the power lines.

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How To Sync The Xbox 360 Controller To An Xbox 360

Syncing an Xbox 360 controller with an original Xbox 360 is, naturally, the easiest process on this list. Here’s how:

  • Turn the Xbox 360 on.

  • Turn the Xbox 360 controller on by pressing and holding the big Guide buttonin the center.


  • Press the Wireless Connect button on the Xbox 360. It’s located on the front of the console. You should see the light ring around the consoles power button flash and rotate.

    On the Xbox 360 E and S consoles, the Wireless Connect button is found by the controller ports. On the original Xbox 360 console, it’s located near the memory card slots.

  • While the lights are still flashing, press the Sync button on the controller. It’s located on the gamepad’s backside, next to the wired connection. The Guide Button flashes when the syncing completes.

  • You’ll know the controller is synchronized with the console when the LEDs around the controllers Guide Button stop flashing and one LED stays on. The Xbox console shows a similar light, although the Xbox 360 E shows a single solid light around the power button.

    How To Connect Any Xbox Controller On Android

    How To Use An Xbox 360 Controller On Xbox One

    Want to step up your Android gaming experience with a proper Xbox controller but arent sure how? This is the guide for you: from 360 to the Series S/X, Xbox controllers are easily compatible with Android devices, as well as many emulators and games. Lets dive into it!

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    Connect Original Xbox Controller To Xbox 360

    Xbox accessories get bigger and better with every new release, and the 360 version has better functions than its predecessors. However, you expect higher pricing with such an excellent controller, but what if you have an old original Xbox controller? Will it still work on your Xbox 360?

    So, does the original Xbox controller connect to Xbox 360? The first versions of the Xbox controller cannot connect or work on the Xbox 360. Due to Microsofts advanced technologies, it is challenging to hack into the old Xbox controller to emulate the 360 models functionality. Only backward compatibility may work in such a case, but, ultimately, the Xbox 360 version is more advanced and comes with better features.

    Any Xbox owner with a previous models controller or console may wonder whether to interchange the controllers and whether there are any hidden capabilities of Xbox accessories. This makes sense as it could end up saving money when additional controllers are needed.

    Although the Xbox 360 is a newer and more powerful console, the original Xboxs novelty cannot wear off that fast. If you have the first model lying around but dont want to pay the extra $50 or so on a new controller, it may be convenient to reuse.

    Besides, most gamers find the Xbox 360 version a superior gadget, and not using it means losing out on some incredible features. Using a backward model could also lead to some games lagging, especially critical ones like shooters.

    Switching Xbox One Controller Profiles

    Xbox Series X controllers can use different profiles with remapped controls or inverted analog stick inputs. This is useful if you have motor difficulties or a specific preference for button use, and you can apply the same feature to Xbox One pads.

  • Open the Xbox Guide by pressing the Home button on your controller.
  • Head to the Profile and System menu .
  • Select Settings.
  • Choose the pad you want to change. Select Configure.
  • Select or create a new profile and save your settings.
  • Remapping your pad is just one of many accessibility options that makes Xbox Series X easier to use for everybody.

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    How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Xbox Series X

    Do Xbox One controllers work on the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S? The answer to that question is yes, they do.

    This goes without saying but we will anyway: anything prior to that will not connect to your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console. You cannot connect an original Xbox controller or an Xbox 360 controller to these machines.

    But if youre wondering, how do I connect my Xbox One controller to my Xbox Series X? Its the same process that we mentioned in the previous section, so just hold down the pairing button on your console and the matching button on top of your controller and they should sync up no problem.

    Which Xbox Controllers Can You Use With Android Devices

    How To Change Xbox Series X/S Controller Light

    You can use two different Xbox controllers with your Android devices: Xbox Wireless Controllers and Xbox 360 controllers. The former are controllers made for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X consoles.

    Newer Xbox Wireless Controllers, particularly the Bluetooth ones, will be the easiest to use with your Android device. With Bluetooth controllers, you have to pair your device to the controller, and youre ready to go. Google added Xbox One controller support with Android 9 Pie, so Bluetooth controllers work the best in a pinch, non-Bluetooth controllers will work as well.

    If you have an Xbox One controller without Bluetooth connectivity or an Xbox 360 controller, you can still use both with your Android devices the process is just a little bit more complicated.

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    Connecting A Wireless Xbox Controller On Android

    First, swipe down from the top of your screen to open your quick menu. Long-press the Bluetooth icon to enter your Bluetooth configuration menu or navigate to your Bluetooth configuration menu from your phone settings.

    Once youre in your Bluetooth menu, its time to click Pair new device. While you do this, power on your Xbox controller by long-pressing the Xbox button and hold down the sync button at the top to put it into searching mode. Once the light is blinking rapidly, let go.

    Your controller should show up in your list of available devices. Tap its name to pair it.

    If the pairing is successful, you should see the controller appearing under the Currently Connected section.

    Can I Use A Phone To Control Xbox 360

    Undoubtedly, the Xbox 360 has significantly transformed over the years, converting into a priced possession among gamers. It has also featured impressive tech in its functionality, but a lingering question is whether you can also use your phone as an alternative controller.

    You can connect your Xbox 360 to your iPhone, Android, or tablet through the SmartGlass application. You only have to download it from the relevant app store and launch it for a convenient and interactive controller. This platform converts your phone into a controller during gameplay and provides information like maps for some games.

    You can also use it as a pointer when using apps such as Internet Explorer. Additionally, you can deploy it when navigating your scores, game scores, friends list, or OneGuide TV listings. It is a brilliant way to maneuver your console when on live mode as it steps in as a controller.

    As long as you have a smartphone, you can always use it as an alternative controller, regardless of its operating system. It also comes in handy even when you are not close to your Xbox 360 because you can use it to check your achievements and friends list or leaderboard. When online, you can also use it to chat with your buddies and check your images and videos.

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    Can You Use An Xbox 360 Controller On Xbox One

    Normally, Xbox 360 controllers are only compatible with the Xbox 360 console and not on an Xbox One. Although, youll need a working Windows PC with the Xbox app installed to make this workaround possible. When connecting your Xbox 360 controller to your computer, you can use the following connection methods:

    • Via USB Cable If your computer has several USB ports, you can use it to plug the Xbox 360 controller into your computer through a wired connection. This method usually is the most effective one since theres a direct connection between the controller and the computer.
    • Via Wireless Gaming Receiver the Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver is a small dongle that lets you connect the Xbox 360 to the computer wirelessly. This dongle works on most Xbox controllers and is a recommended way to connect your Xbox 360 controller compared to a Bluetooth connection.

    Also, ensure that your computer is running Windows 10 or greater to avoid compatibility problems in the Xbox app.

    How To Reduce Input Lag On Xbox 360 Controller Pc

    PSA: You can put xbox one thumbsticks on a xbox 360 controller : xbox

    Users can use Xbox 360 Controller on Xbox One console using a Windows 10 system. However, those who have wireless Xbox 360 Controllers might deal with some input lag. Input lag takes place when the Controller is not recorded properly or there is a delay in registering the controller. Here are some tips that might help users avoid input lag while using a wireless Xbox 360 Controller connected to a PC for accessing Xbox One games.

  • Users can reduce the quality settings of the stream on the Windows 10 PC.
  • Use a Wi-Fi connection to connect the Xbox One console to the PC.
  • They should use a proper cable to connect the wireless Xbox 360 Controller to the system.
  • Plugging the Controller into the system will reduce the input lag.
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    Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

    The Xbox Elite Wireless controller Series 2 is, arguably, the best controller that you can consider buying for your Xbox One gaming console. Of course, there are a couple of reasons why Im recommending this device to you.

    One of them is that its wildly customizable and comes with a built-in battery. Apart from that, the Xbox Elite Wireless controller Series 2 also features modular thumbsticks and D-pad.

    As with other devices out there, the Xbox Elite Wireless controller Series 2 has its weaknesses. One of them is that its not as affordable as other Xbox One controllers out there. Apart from that, the controller is not readily available if youre fortunate to find one, just go for it. You can check here to learn more about this controller, including its price and availability.

    Can I Use My Xbox Controller For My Pc

    The PC and Xbox gaming platforms are both incredible ways to enjoy your favorite titles. With changes in technologies, gamers are hoping that these electronics will allow interchangeable use.

    You can use Xbox gaming pads on your computer using a USB cable connected through the micro-USB end on the controller and the other to your PC. You can also consider using an Xbox adapter or pair the devices using Bluetooth. The USB method is only for wired connections, while the other two are wireless.

    Luckily, some Windows come with an already installed Xbox adapter, saving you the extra cost. Most PCs also have in-built Bluetooth thus, you wont need to buy a dongle.

    To connect an Xbox controller to your PC via Bluetooth, youll first start the devices. Afterward, press the Xbox button on the controller then click the Windows tab on the computer. Next, go to Settings, Device, and turn on Bluetooth.

    Back to your Xbox controller, press the pair button, and hold it for a few seconds until you see the lights flashing consistently. You can then click on Add Device to allow your PC to start searching the gaming pad and once the controller appears on the open window, click Done to pair.

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    How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To A Pc Via Xbox Wireless Adapter

    The Xbox Wireless Adapter is a small device that can help your Xbox controller connect to a PC.

    1. Boot up your Windows 10 PC and plug the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows into your computer.

    2. In the same “Bluetooth & other devices” menu we used in the previous method, look for the Adapter to appear under “Other devices.” Once it appears, this means it’s finished installing itself.

    3. When the adapter is ready, turn on your Xbox controller by holding down the Xbox button. Once it’s on, angle it toward the Adapter and press and hold the Bind button.

    4. Press and hold the Bind button on the Xbox Wireless Adapter. A small light will flash for several seconds.

    5. Both your controller and Adapter should flash rapidly. Once they stop, it means they’ve found each other and are connected.

    Setting Up The Raspberry Pi For Xbox Controllers

    How to Upgrade your Xbox Controller Thumbsticks

    1. Before we get started with anything in this tutorial, we should make sure our Raspberry Pi is entirely up to date by running the following two commands within the terminal. These commands will make sure we have the latest available software.

    sudo apt updatesudo apt upgrade

    2. While we dont necessarily need to install xboxdrv anymore since the Xpad driver is now included in Raspbians kernel, we will install it for any programs that might be built to utilize xboxdrv. It also allows us to do a few things within the user space by using xboxdrv.

    A userland driver means that it works just like an application and is not built into the core system.

    To install the userland driver that allows us to interact with the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers type the following command into the terminal on your Raspberry Pi.

    sudo apt install xboxdrv

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    Can You Use An Xbox 360 Controller On The Xbox One

    Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning we get a small commission if you make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. For more information, please visit our Disclaimer Page.

    The Xbox 360 is older than the Xbox One. One thing you need to know about Xbox is that theres no forward compatibility in terms of hardware. So, the Xbox 360 controller will not work directly on the Xbox One. However, theres a workaround that allows you to connect the controller to your Xbox One.

    What Controllers Can I Connect To My Xbox 360 And How Can I Connect Them

    Due to being an old model, finding accessories for the Xbox 360 isnt as easy as doing so for its more recent counterparts, but you can be sure that some controllers are still around and will work on the Xbox 360. Of course, the obvious first choice should always be an Xbox 360 controller since this is made specifically for Xbox 360. Still, other alternatives exist, such as the Logitech controller, which can also be used. What cannot be used as of 2022 is your Xbox One controller or a PS4 controller

    If your Xbox 360 controller isnt working, it might point to your controller batteries being low for wireless Xbox 360 controllers and in need of a recharge. There are also instances where another wireless device is why you have connection issues. A third reason is if your Xbox 360 already has four controllers connected to it.

    The two methods by which you can connect a controller to your Xbox 360 are explained below.

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    How To Use An Xbox 360 Controller On An Android Device

    If you want to use an Xbox 360 controller or a non-Bluetooth Xbox One controller, the process is a bit more involved. Of course, its still doable. If you already have the controller, it might be cheaper to configure your current controller instead of purchasing a Bluetooth controller.

    Heres what youll need to make it work:

    • A wired or wireless Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Xbox Core controller
    • An OTG, or on the go, cable
    • An Android device that supports OTG cables
    • An Xbox 360 wireless receiver

    For wireless controllers, here are the necessary steps:

  • Connect your OTG cable to your Android device, then plug the Xbox 360 controllers wireless receiver into the OTG cable.
  • Pair the controller as you usually would and start using it. Your Android device should supply power to your wireless receiver, allowing you to pair it normally.
  • For wired controllers, here are the necessary steps:

  • Connect your OTG cable to your Android device.
  • Plug your controller into the open USB port of the OTG cable.
  • Start using it with your favorite games!
  • The selection of games that support wireless controllers seems to be less than those that support wired controllers typically. Plus, when using Xbox 360 controllers, most games wont have an option for button mapping this means youre stuck with whatever the default button layout is for that game.

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