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Can I Use Xbox Controller On Pc

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How to use an Xbox One controller on PC

If you already own an Xbox or PlayStation console and youre happy with the controller that came with it, you probably dont need to buy a different one. And many PC games can be played with a keyboard and mouse. We recommend buying one of our picks here only if you dont own a game console already, if you need a controller for a second player, or if you dont want to deal with moving one controller back and forth.

All of our picks can connect directly to a computer with a USB cable, and the wireless ones can pair via Bluetooth just like a wireless keyboard or wireless headphones. All Macs and almost all Windows laptops include Bluetooth support, but a gaming desktop might not. If you need to add Bluetooth to your desktop, we recommend an internal PCI Express card with good antennas rather than one of the many cheap USB dongles in our testing, small USB dongles caused the connection to become laggy and inconsistent after just a few minutes of gaming.

Can I Use Xbox Controller For Pc

PC gaming makes it possible for gamers to enjoy gaming in multiple ways. It also widens the range of games you can play on PC. However, you may not want to use the traditional mouse and keyboard while gaming with your PC, making you wonder if you can use Xbox controllers for PC.

You can use your Xbox controller on a Windows 10 PC. There are currently three ways you can pair your Xbox controller to your PC that is, using a USB cable, Bluetooth, or a wireless adapter. These methods are reliable and will successfully connect your Xbox controller to a Windows 10 PC. It is recommended that you use an Xbox One controller when applying any of these methods.

The most common way of connecting an Xbox controller to a PC is using a USB connection. To do so, connect a micro-USB charging cable to your Xbox controller. You should make sure that the USB cable fits into the controller’s port to avoid damage. Then, plug the other end of the USB cable into your PC. This should trigger an automatic configuration of the Xbox controller. Keep in mind that you can connect up to eight Xbox controllers using USB cables. This is beneficial, especially if you are playing multiplayer games. However, you should avoid overcrowding your PC with many controllers because it can affect its performance.

How To Connect An Xbox Wireless Controller To A Pc Using A Usb Cable

The simplest way to use an Xbox Wireless Controller with your PC involves connecting it using a USB Type-C cable. Just plug one end of the cable into the controller and the other end into your PCs USB port.

Once youre connected via USB, the Xbox button will stay lit on your controller, indicating that its ready to use. Now, go ahead and fire up any game with controller support on Windows 10 and have fun.

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How To Connect Xbox One Controllers To Pc Using The Xbox Wireless Adapter

Windows 10 is all set and ready to work with the Xbox Wireless Adapter. Drivers will automatically install when the device is connected, so the process is largely simplified

  • Step one: Connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to your Windows PC and allow the drivers to automatically install.

Try to ensure where the adapter is connected to your PC provides line of sight to the controller for the best connectivity.

  • Step two: Power up your Xbox One controller by pressing the Xbox logo in the center of the controller.
  • Step three: Locate and press the button on the Xbox Wireless Adapter
  • Step four: Press the connect button on your Xbox One controller. It can be found on the front of the device near the micro USB port. Its marked by a symbol that looks like this: “(((“
  • Step five: Ensure the Xbox logo on your controller is blinking. This indicates it is connecting. When the logo and LED on the USB adapter both go solid, the connection is complete.
  • These are the best PC games to play with your newly connected controller

Easy Ways To Use An Xbox One Controller As A Mouse

(How to Use &  Connect) Microsoft Xbox Controller for PC ...

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Hey! Want to use an Xbox controller as a mouse? Heres why were asking, if your laptop doubles as your media center, using a game controller to navigate the Windows desktop and applications just feels more intuitive. Youve experienced how well Xbox controllers work for many PC games. Now you can use your Xbox controller to watch your favorite shows and movies on Netflix And there are many third-party programs designed to help you ditch the mouse and keyboard by setting up your Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller as your primary input device. The process is incredibly easy!

Go straight to:

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How To Disable Your Xbox Controller As A Mouse Using Steam

There may come a time that for whatever reason the novelty of using your Xbox controller as a mouse and keyboard wears off.


If and when that time comes and you no longer want your laptop to detect the Xbox controller, use the steps below to disable this setup on your Windows desktop:

Stop Xbox One Controller from Controlling Windows 10

  • From the Steam main application window, click Steam in the upper left corner.
  • Click Settings.
  • Select Remove for each of the fields that contain map instructions .
  • Finally, press the BACK button on your controller until you exit the menu.
  • Disable Xbox 360 Controller as a Mouse

  • Open Steam and go to the Steam menu.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Next, select the Controller tab and click General Controller Settings. Or, just click the controller button at the top right next to the minimize window button.
  • On the Controller Settings screen, uncheck Xbox configuration support.
  • Finally, RESTART your laptop. If its still connected, uninstall and reinstall the device. Then unplug and reconnect the controller.
  • How Can You Use The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 On Pc

    There are three ways that you can use the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 on PC. The first way is to use Bluetooth this only works with computers that have Bluetooth, of course, but if you want to use the controller on your modern laptop or tablet hybrid, this is a great way to do it wirelessly. The second option is to use a USB-C cable to connect the controller to a computer, which is doable out of the box since the controller comes with one in the package. This forces you to stay tethered to your computer, but it does prevent the need for recharging your controller’s battery.

    The final option available is to use the Xbox Wireless Adapter, which is a nifty accessory that fits into a USB slot and gives off the same wireless signal that an Xbox One console does. Any controller, including the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, can then pair with the adapter and be used with the computer it’s plugged into wirelessly. If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, this is the option for you if you want wireless play.

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    How To Connect Xbox Controller To Pc: Connect Via Xbox Wireless Adapter

    While you will need to purchase an Xbox Wireless adapter separately, connecting your Xbox wireless controller to your PC is extremely simple using this accessory. Its the easiest way to set up your pad on a PC with a wireless connection. 1. Plug the Xbox Wireless adapter into a USB port. The adapter comes with a standard USB-A connector, so youll need a laptop that has one of these ports.2. Turn on your Xbox controller by holding the Xbox button. Once your controller is switched on, hold the sync button. This is located on top of the controller until the Xbox logo begins flashing.

    3. Hold the sync button on the Xbox Wireless adapter for a few seconds. This button is located on either the side of the adapter or the base depending on which model you have. When the Xbox logo on your controller stops flashing and is lit up solid, then your controller is connected.

    Way : Using Bluetooth To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To Pc

    How to use xbox 360 controller on PC (Wired & Wireless) Windows 8/8.1/10 2018

    If youre using a Bluetooth supported Xbox One controller and a Bluetooth supported PC, you can connected them via Bluetooth then.

    Note: On a Bluetooth-supported controller, the plastic around the Xbox button is part of the face of the controller, like this:

    To connect your controller and PC via Bluetooth:

  • Before we go, make sure your Windows is updated and the Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to turn on it.
  • Press and hold the controller bind button for three seconds, and then release.
  • Press the Windows logo key and I to open the Settings window.
  • Click Devices.
  • Click Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • Go on to select your Xbox One controller and click Pair.
  • You should be able to enjoy games with your controller now.
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    How Do I Update My Xbox One Controller

    For best performance, you need to make your Xbox One controller up-to-date. Or if the Windows doesnt install the controller driver automatically, follow the guide here to update your Xbox One controller.

    You can download the Xbox One controller online and install it on your Windows manually. Or if youre not confident playing around with driver manually, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy to save much more time.

    Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for it. You dont need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you dont need to risk downloading and installing the wrong driver, and you dont need to worry about making a mistake when installing.

    You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it takes just 2 clicks :

  • and install Driver Easy.
  • Run Driver Easy and click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers. You controller driver is no exception.
  • Click the Update button next to a flagged driver to automatically download the correct version of this driver, the you can manually install it .

    Or click Update All to automatically download and install the correct version of all the drivers that are missing or out of date on your system .

  • After updating your controller, restart your Windows and try your controller again.

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    How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To A Pc Via Xbox Wireless Adapter

    The Xbox Wireless Adapter is a small device that can help your Xbox controller connect to a PC.

    1. Boot up your Windows 10 PC and plug the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows into your computer.

    2. In the same “Bluetooth & other devices” menu we used in the previous method, look for the Adapter to appear under “Other devices.” Once it appears, this means it’s finished installing itself.

    3. When the adapter is ready, turn on your Xbox controller by holding down the Xbox button. Once it’s on, angle it toward the Adapter and press and hold the Bind button.

    4. Press and hold the Bind button on the Xbox Wireless Adapter. A small light will flash for several seconds.

    5. Both your controller and Adapter should flash rapidly. Once they stop, it means they’ve found each other and are connected.

    How To Connect An Xbox One Controller To Your Windows 10 Pc

    How to use xbox 360 controller on PC (Wired &  Wireless ...

    – As gaming technology develops and gaming platforms expand to the point of being available on all manner of devices with services like Xbox Game Pass and Stadia , it’s important that you have a method to play those games that you’re comfortable with. For Xbox gamers, that’s the Xbox Wireless Controller.

    If you prefer playing with a controller over a keyboard and mouse, either because you find it easier, or because your laptop’s keyboard doesn’t have enough key travel or feedback, you’ll want to continue using your Xbox controller on your PC too.

    It’s worth noting your process depends on whether you have Bluetooth on your desktop or laptop Windows 10 machine, and whether or not you have the newer wireless controllers or the older model.

    That’s an important distinction because the older wireless controller – with shiny plastic around the ‘X’ home button – doesn’t have Bluetooth, and can only pair to a dedicated receiver.

    Fear not if you have this controller – or a laptop without Bluetooth – we’ll show you how to use your controller this way too. If you want to connect your Xbox controller to your smartphone, we show you how to do that in a separate guide.

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    Take Your New Controller With You From The Couch To The Desk

    The newest line of Xbox consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, were accompanied by a new refinement in Xbox controllers. While extremely similar to the Xbox One controller, there are some subtle differences with the Xbox Series X/S controller, the most obvious being the inclusion of a Share button for easily capturing screenshots something the PS4 introduced years before.

    While this new version of the Xbox controller was designed first around providing a great experience on consoles, you can also carry it over to your PC, if you’re so inclined. It’s not only among the best controllers for PC, but setting it up is relatively simple but in this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know.

    There are two different ways to connect your Xbox Series X/S controller to your PC. You can use a micro-USB cable or you can connect via Bluetooth. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages.

    Here’s how to use your Xbox Series X controller on PC.

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    How To Use Xbox Headset On Pc

    By Robin Owens 21 days ago, Headphones

    Do you want to know how to use Xbox headset on PC? Nowadays the market offers a great array of qualitative headphones for Xbox One gaming. The main task of these accessories is to provide you with superior sound during gaming sessions. Some models can also work with other gaming consoles, including PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360.

    Many users often wonder whether they can use Xbox headset on PC and how they can do it. The good news is that you can actually do it as many accessories are designed as an audio device.

    For Retro Gamers: Retroflag Classic Wired Usb Gaming Controller

    How to use Xbox one controller on PC!

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $15.

    Any of our other controller picks will work just fine for retro games and emulators, but if youre chasing nostalgia you might want a simpler controller to match. Of all the many Super Nintendostyle replica gamepads we looked at, the Retroflag Classic Wired USB Gaming Controller stands out for being affordable, comfortable, and satisfying. It even comes in two different versions, a Upad that matches the coloring and button style of the North American Super Nintendo and a Jpad that matches the controller that came with the Japanese and European versions of the console.

    The Retroflag gamepad has four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and Start and Select buttons, and a directional pad. All are responsive and easy to reach, and although you might miss the sculpted handles of modern controllers, the Retroflag pads rounded edges and simple layout make it comfortable for extended play sessions. The shoulder buttons also have just the right amount of give, whereas the buttons on other retro controllers weve tested felt stiff and mushy. Compared with a real Super Nintendo controller , the Retroflag gamepad comes closer than any other model weve tested to approximating the exact plastic texture and weight.

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    Why Get The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

    If you want a controller that offers incredible customization and extra options, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 will be ideal for you. Compared to the first edition of the Elite Controller, this one sports several performance boosts. Boosts such as more durable plastics and hinges, rubber grips that have better durability, and tension control for thumbsticks that allow you to tweak how you aim in-game from the analog input side of things. On top of this, the controller has Bluetooth connectivity for use with PCs and Project xCloud, as well as a fantastic battery life of 40 hours per charge. Lastly, all of the first Elite Controller’s benefits make a strong return here. These include the myriad of different D-Pads, thumbsticks, and buttons that you can opt to use and swap out at your leisure, as well as lockable triggers and paddle buttons on the back of the controller. This controller may not be cheap, but you definitely get the quality that you pay for.

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